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Vitamins & Minerals: Introducing Diabetone

Vitamins and minerals are essential ingredients in keeping your body as healthy as it can be and promoting a sense of wellbeing. Getting enough of these substances from our diet is not always easy and that's why everyone should take supplements to make sure that the diet is safeguarded. Chemist 2 Customer supply a comprehensive collection of vitamin and mineral supplements, including the Diabetone range.

Diabetone is produced by Vitabiotics, one of the leading manufacturers of vitamin and mineral supplements in the UK. Specially formulated with 21 different nutrients, Diabetone is designed to help safeguard your daily nutritional requirements, helping to ensure you stay fit and well all year round. The cooler seasons, when people are more likely to feel ill or generally run down, are the perfect time to begin taking vitamin supplements like Diabetone.

Diabetone Original

Among the 21 carefully-selected nutrients in Diabetone Original are

  • Chromium, which helps to maintain stable, normal blood glucose levels
  • Zinc, which contributes to normal carbohydrate metabolism
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin), copper and biotin, all of which help to support the proper release of energy throughout the day

There are almost as many things to mention that the supplement DOESN'T contain! Diabetone tablets have no nasties such as yeast, lactose, added sugar, drugs, hormones, artificial colours or preservatives. The purity of each batch is rigorously tested and is guaranteed to meet all relevant legal health, safety and quality specifications.

Diabetone Plus

With all of the same ingredients as Diabetone Original  stated above, Diabetone Plus also contains high-potency Omega-3, sourced from fish oil produced to high GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and certified for sustainability by Friends of the Sea. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid with many health benefits, including fighting depression and anxiety, improving eye and brain health and reducing risk factors for heart disease.

Diabetone Original and Diabetone Plus form part of the comprehensive Chemist 2 Customer collection of vitamin and mineral supplements. Discover the complete range on our website.

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