Ear Wax Products: Gentle Solutions for Ear Care

Explore our range of ear wax products designed to provide gentle relief and effective management of ear wax build-up. From ear drops to irrigation kits, find the perfect solution for maintaining optimal ear health and comfort.
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Care Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ear Drops

Care Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ear Drops provide a safe and effective solution for managing earwax build-up, promoting ear health and comfort for individuals of all ages. Crafted with pharmaceutical-grade extra virgin olive oil, these drops ensure precise ap
  • £2.45

Otex Ear Drops 8ml

Experience gentle and effective removal of hardened ear wax with Otex Ear Drops (8ml). Clinically proven and the UK’s best-selling ear wax solution, this dual-action formula softens and disperses ear wax, reducing the need for syringing. The easy squeeze
  • £4.95

Sodium Bicarbonate Ear Wax Drops

Sodium bicarbonate ear drops offer a gentle and effective solution for softening and removing dry or hardened ear wax. Learn about their features, usage instructions, and precautions for optimal ear care.
  • £3.95
Discover a comprehensive selection of ear wax products, including drops, sprays, and irrigation kits, to effectively soften, remove, and manage ear wax build-up. Trust in our range for gentle and safe solutions for your ear care needs.