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Vitamin and Supplements

Vitamins minerals and supplements (VMS) can be an important part of the human diet yet a large proportion of people do not get the full range. A healthy diet is the best way to go and making improvements there should be the first step.  But there could be times where extra help is needed such as when leading an active lifestyle, illness, and seasonal changes such as winter.

To make sure that the body receives all of the vitamins it requires to function to its optimum level, taking a VMS is a perfect solution.

We stock a comprehensive selection of vitamins for adults and children, available at our fantastic online-only prices. We have chosen only the very best brands to provide to our customers, offering complete peace of mind when ordering from us.

Seven Seas are the leading supplier of vitamin supplements in the UK, a position they have achieved as a result of being established for more than 75 years. During this time, the company has continued to produce new varieties as technology has improved. We stock an exclusive selection of Seven Seas vitamin supplements, including the popular and innovative MultiBionta Vitality Probiotic Supplement. Created using a complex blend of friendly bacteria with a triple-layer controlled-release formula, this fantastic supplement offers a simple, cost-effective way to keep the body healthy and strong. The supplement is also available in a special variety designed for people over 50 years of age.

Children can also benefit from taking vitamins though many do not like swallowing tablets. Also marketed by Seven Seas, the Haliborange range of children’s vitamins is designed to offer the maximum choice in terms of taste and texture, with a selection of capsules, soluble tablets and lozenges of many flavours. One of the newest products by Haliborange is the 30-pack of Multivitamin Fruit Softies; containing vitamins A through E, these supplements are enjoying increasing popularity thanks to their mouthwatering strawberry flavour and soft, chewy texture.

Iron is required in small amounts by the body to transport oxygen. Our only source of this vital metal is from our diet as the body does not produce it naturally; unfortunately, many diets do not contain enough iron. Spatone is a convenient, easy way to make sure that iron levels are sufficiently maintained as it has a much higher bio-availability than the iron found in food. The natural vegan formula is so gentle that it can be given to children as young as two and we also stock a tasty apple-flavoured variety.

Vitamins keep us happy and healthy and so should be a standard part of the diet. Please browse our fantastic range of vitamin supplements and do not hesitate to contact our highly-trained team if you require advice on choosing the best product for you.

This medical information was written by our clinical pharmacist Michael Stewart.

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