New Range of Vitamins Online: Introducing Haliborange

At the Chemist 2 Customer pharmacy online, we are constantly seeking to improve our service to you. Part of this process of constant improvement involves extending our range of healthcare products to give you the widest possible choice: the latest addition to our product portfolio includes a choice selection of children's vitamins from Haliborange.

Haliborange, part of the world-famous Seven Seas brand of vitamin and mineral supplements, dates back to the 1930's, when it was marketed as 'the nicest way of taking halibut liver oil'. Traditional formulas always had a fishy taste, making it unpalatable to children; Haliborange revolutionised the market with its fresh, natural orange taste.

Haliborange is now the UK’s number one children’s supplement brand. As well as the original Haliborange liquid, the product is now available in a range of other forms, from chewable tablets and 'softies' to effervescent drinks. One of the brand's most successful products is Haliborange Omega-3 Liquid, available in a 200ml pack size.

Haliborange Omega-3 Liquids

The UK Department of Health recommends that all children from 6 months to 5 years are given a supplement containing Vitamins A, C and D. All three of those vitamins are contained in Haliborange Omega-3 Liquid, along with vitamin E and Omega-3 DHA which is proven to support normal, healthy brain function. Haliborange Omega-3 Liquid is made with real orange juice and without artificial sweeteners, giving a refreshing, natural taste.

There are lots more products from the Haliborange range available at our online pharmacy; browse now and get in touch with our team for further advice and information.

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