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Face Masks & Shields

Protect yourself with Anti-Viral, Re-usable and Disposable Face Masks. Plus Face Shields.
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Face Mask - Antiviral, High Quality Protective And Re-Usable

Stylish, UK manuf­ac­tured, Bumpaa™ Anti-Viral face masks are treated with unique ViralOff® antiviral treatment. Beard Friendly. In Black Or Lake.
  • £6.95

Face Mask, Anti-Bacterial, High Quality Protective, Re-Usable

Face Mask - Anti-Bacterial, High Quality, Protective And Re-Usable. Protects Your Nose And Mouth From Conta­mina­tion. In Black Or White.
  • £4.95

Face Shieid

High Quality & Protective. Protects Your Face From Conta­mina­tion. Comfortable & Breathable.
  • £4.95

Face Mask 3 Ply Disposable

Hypo­al­ler­genic, 3 Ply, High Filtration Capacity.
  • £0.69

Face Mask Disposable Box of 50

Hypo­al­ler­genic, 3 Ply, High Filtration Capacity.
  • £14.95