Diabetes Control in a Flash!

There are many ways to help combat the problems caused by diabetes, from medication to lifestyle, diet and exercise advice. All sorts of things can affect treatment recom­men­dations, including the type of condition along with your age and state of health. Managing diabetes often includes self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) and, at Chemist 2 Customer, you can make this process as simple yet as accurate as possible.

The level of sugar in the blood cannot be properly maintained by those suffering from diabetes. Low blood sugar levels (often known as hypos as an abbreviation of 'hypoglycaemia') are a classic symptom of diabetes, necessitating regular testing to measure how the body is responding to food intake, physical activity and any medication. High blood sugar levels are just as damaging, leading to loss of vision, ulcers and even gangrene in severe cases.

Sufferers of diabetes need to maintain blood sugar within a defined limit or 'target range'. Measuring the level of blood sugar is made quick, simple and effective with the FreeStyle Libre Glucose Monitoring System, available now from Chemist 2 Customer. The system is known as flash monitoring and involves wearing a small sensor patch continuously for 14 days. During this time, the sensor measures sugar from tissue fluids as opposed to blood, giving much more accurate results.

Data is gathered every minute and can be uploaded to an app, allowing you to keep track of your sugar levels, identify trends and improve knowledge of the effects of treatments and lifestyle choices. A broad picture of changing daily sugar levels can thus be built up, letting you see the effects of treatment and eating habits more clearly. Avoiding the pain and unpleasantness of finger-pricking, the FreeStyle Libre flash monitoring system dramatically improves and enhances control of diabetes.

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