Weight Management: How to Get Celebrity Slim!

Losing weight isn't an easy task, with one of the biggest and most obvious stumbling blocks being that incessant feeling of hunger. Diet plans that involve dramatically reducing the amount of food you eat are counter-productive, interfering with normal metabolic function and causing the body to retain more weight in the future. Celebrity Slim is a revolutionary diet plan that helps you say goodbye to all of that.

With the Celebrity Slim plan, you're permitted to eat meals and snacks six times every day, ensuring that your metabolic system functions optimally and, crucially, preventing those hunger pangs. The Chemist 2 Customer online pharmacy offers a wide range of Celebrity Slim products but how does the plan work?

  • Two of your ordinary daily meals are substituted for Celebrity Slim meal replacements, which include milkshakes, smoothies and soups in a wide variety of tasty flavours
  • Milkshake flavours include banana, chocolate, latte, strawberry and cookies & cream
  • Soup flavours include spicy chicken, spring vegetable, mild curry and mushroom
  • Smoothie flavours include strawberry & banana and blueberry & apple
  • Each day, you'll enjoy a well-balanced healthy meal which can include meat, chicken or fish with plenty of salad and vegetables
  • One of the most difficult parts of dieting is avoiding snacks but with Celebrity Slim you can enjoy lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts and dips. For those of you with a sweet tooth, try one of the varieties of Celebrity Slim snack bars in double chocolate, caramel crunch, rocky road or sticky toffee varieties

There are lots of different options within the collection, ranging from ready-to-drink shakes to large shake-your-own packs, including a selection of starter packs and multipacks for added cost-effectiveness.

The 7-day Celebrity Slim strawberry shakes pack, containing 14 servings, is currently the most popular option here at our pharmacy online, earning it a coveted place on our list of bestselling products. Why not try for yourself and see what's getting dieters all over the world so excited?

Discover the full range of Celebrity Slim products on the Chemist 2 Customer website, where you'll also find more of the bestselling products from our online pharmacy: many of these are now reduced in price.

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