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Vitamins Online: Try GlucoTabs Today!

Have you been feeling low on energy recently? Many people experience reduced energy levels in the colder months and so, as winter approaches, it's a great idea to give your tired body a helping hand with extra supplements!

GlucoTabs Juicy Raspberry Fast Acting Glucose 50s GlucoTabs Tangy Orange Fast-Acting Glucose 50s GlucoTabs Zesty Lemon & Lime Fast Acting Glucose 50s

At Chemist 2 Customer, we offer a wide range of products to boost your energy and immune system; this article focuses on GlucoTabs.

The word 'glucose' has its roots in the Greek language and means 'sweet'. Our bodies rely on the production of glucose to give us energy; the substance is transmitted to every cell in your body through the bloodstream. The hormone insulin is responsible for transferring glucose from the blood into cells, where it is either used immediately or stored for later use; people with diabetes cannot maintain their blood glucose levels and this is why many have to use artificial insulin.

Glucose is the body's preferred energy source. It is manufactured naturally within the body from the food you eat but, when you need an instant added energy hit, GlucoTabs are the easiest, not to mention tastiest, way to get it. Here's all you need to know about GlucoTabs...

  • Each GlucoTab contains four whole grams of glucose; chew 1-3 tablets for a guaranteed burst of natural energy
  • At only 15 calories per tablet, GlucoTabs can be consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet
  • For the ultimate in cost-effectiveness, GlucoTabs can be purchased in a bumper 50-tablet pack. A refillable 10-tablet tube is also available for convenience on the go
  • GlucoTabs contain zero caffeine and are suitable for those restricted to a gluten-free diet
  • The tablets contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives so you can consume with absolute confidence
  • Only natural flavours are used to create GlucoTabs, which are available in Zesty Lemon & Lime, Juicy Raspberry and Tangy Orange varieties 

Give yourself a boost with GlucoTabs from Chemist 2 Customer: order today!

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