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Regaine for Men Extra Strength Solution - Hair Regrowth

Regaine for Men 3 Months
  • Regaine for Men 3 Months
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Regaine for Men Extra Strength offers a potent solution to hereditary hair loss, showing clinical efficacy in up to 4 out of 5 individuals. It may even promote hair regrowth in some cases, providing a comprehensive approach to managing male pattern baldness.

Product Overview

Regaine Extra Strength contains a 5% concentration of the active ingredient Minoxidil. It targets male pattern baldness with fast results, making it a top choice for men seeking regrowth and stronger hair.

  • Noticeable Results: Users may observe improvements in as little as 8 weeks.
  • Long-Term Supply: This 3-month pack contains three 60ml bottles, ensuring consistent treatment.
  • Effective Formulation: The 5% Minoxidil concentration targets hair follicles, helping to revitalize them and promote thicker hair.

How Regaine Works

Regaine's active ingredient, Minoxidil, enhances blood and nutrient flow to hair follicles, strengthening existing hair and possibly stimulating new growth. Initial use may cause old hairs to shed, clearing the way for new growth.

Directions for Use

For optimal results, apply 1 mL of Regaine twice daily to the thinning areas of your scalp. Lightly massage the solution in.

  • Applicators: Choose between the pump spray applicator for larger areas and the extended spray-tip applicator for targeted application.
  • Follow Instructions: Use as directed and wash your hands after application.

Safety and Precautions

Keep Regaine out of reach of children and avoid contact with the eyes. Use externally only and do not apply to irritated skin. Consult with a healthcare provider before altering your dosage or using other treatments in conjunction with Regaine.


  • Active: Minoxidil (5%)
  • Other: Ethanol (Alcohol), Propylene Glycol, Water.

Always read the patient information leaflet before use. 

Take a confident step toward managing hair loss with Regaine for Men Extra Strength. Always follow usage instructions and seek medical advice if necessary.

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Regaine for Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam 3 x 73ml

Regaine for Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam 3 x 73ml

Regaine Foam for Men provides a 3-month supply for treating hereditary hair loss. The foam contains 5% Minoxidil, revitalizing hair follicles and promoting regrowth for thicker, longer hair.
  • RRP £82.99
  • £78.95
Regaine For Men Extra Strength Solution - 1 Month Supply

Regaine For Men Extra Strength Solution - 1 Month Supply

Regaine for Men Extra Strength Solution halts hereditary hair loss, reviving hair follicles for thicker, longer hair. Suitable for men aged 18 to 65.
  • RRP £42.50
  • £38.95

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