How to Control Coughs Without Drugs or Chemicals

The icy cold weather of winter is bad enough but when you have a cough then it's almost unbearable. There are plenty of traditional remedies out there but Chemist 2 Customer would like to introduce you to one you my not have heard of before: BREATHOX from BREATHOX is an inhalator that uses salt to help relieve coughs and the accompanying irritation of congestion. Yes, you read it right! Though salt is most often used for culinary purposes, the fact is that it has a great many health benefits as well. So instead of using medicines and drugs, why not try a more natural approach?

To create BREATHOX, the experts at use pure salt that has been extracted from an underground mine located at Mariager Fjord in Denmark. This salt is then put through a process known as 'micronising', whereby the large crystals are ground down until they become tiny particle of no more than 10 microns in size.

The micronised salt is then put into an inhalator device, from which it is sucked into the upper and lower lungs. This action cleanses the entire respiratory tract and is clinically proven to reduce mucus buildup, alleviating congestion and irritation. BREATHOX is the first device to use micronised salt in this way and, as it contains no drugs, chemical additives or artificial preservatives, it can be used alone or as an enhancement to your preferred treatment.

Each inhalator contains a minimum of 300 inhalations and is priced at just £15.95 inc. VAT at the Chemist 2 Customer online pharmacy. For a guide on how to use this product safely and effectively, check out the product page on our website, where you'll also find a wide range of vitamins to keep you feeling healthy all winter long.

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