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Flexiseq Osteo Gel

Flexiseq Osteoarthritis
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Flexiseq Oste­oart­hritis is a clinically proven and drug free gel providing relief from the pain and stiffness of oste­oart­hritis. It keeps you moving.­ A new approach to oste­oart­hritis & joint pain.

If you have diagnosed oste­oart­hritis, nothing but the best will do. That’s why Flexiseq Oste­oart­hritis is loaded with a max strength formulation, tested in clinical trials with the most demanding patients.

The topical gel formulation has an effective, physical mode of action that does not simply mask pain like many pharma­ce­utical painkillers.


  • Clinically proven to relieve joint pain and stiffness
  • Drug-free and free of drug-based side effects
  • Maximum strength formulation
  • Helps to regain mobility
  • Help lubricate and protect joints
  • Convenient twice daily application
  • Suitable for long-term treatment of joints

Sequessome Technology is the driving force behind FlexiseqSeq_Technology_logo_540x
Sequessomes are phospholipid vesicles; i.e. tiny oily droplets that  have particular charac­te­ristics that allow them to reach the synovial fluid, which is found between joints.

Delivers biolub­ri­cating constituents directly into joints where they target and accumulate on cartilage surfaces, providing a lubricating layer that protects from friction and wear.

Sequessome Technology offers a unique treatment option for joint pain that is clinically proven to help with oste­oart­hritis and entirely drug free.

How to use:
A thin layer should be spread around the joint and allowed to dry.

Once applied to the site it should not be rubbed in but left to dry for 10 minutes before covering. If it takes less than 10 minutes to dry then you may not have applied enough and they should apply more next time.

Mois­tu­risers/­creams should be applied after, once Flexiseq has dried, as it can otherwise reduce effec­tiveness.

Safe To Use:
Flexiseq Oste­oart­hritis has no known interactions with drugs so can be used alongside any other medications you may be taking (including painkillers).

Flexiseq Active avoids side effects such as gastro-intestinal and cardio-vascular problems associated with commonly used painkillers, including Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflam­matory Drugs (NSAIDs). This means it can be used long-term.

Time to take effect:
Flexiseq takes time to build up on joints, therefore it can take 2 - 14 days to start taking effect.

The unique drug-free formula found in Flexiseq can be used by customers taking various medications, as there are no known drug-to-drug inte­rac­tions.

What people say about Flexiseq Oste­oart­hritis

95% recorded less severity of stiffness*
97% had stiffness less often*
84% agreed that Flexiseq improved their mobility*

Joint health
86% agreed that Flexiseq helped improve their joint health*
66% felt they were able to do more exercise*
60% felt more confident in the ability of their joints to support them*

Pain management
77% went longer without feeling pain or discomfort*
79% felt much more positive about their reduced use of painkillers*
88% recorded less severe pain*

*Flexiseq 3-week experience study 2019, n=60

Main Ingredient:
Plant-based Phospho­lipids.

Patient Leaflet:
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28th Aug 2020, 12:33
I have pain in my left knee & it flares up and a Baker's cyst forms behind the knee. I have tried all others creams nothing worked.
I have used Flexiseq Oste¬ Gel for a 2 days now and I can definitely see the inflammation has gone down and the stiffness is 100% gone. I think this has gotten me past that need in few days so I am very thankful and I recommend the product.

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