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Diabetes is a condition where your body cannot manage blood glucose levels effectively. This can lead to high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia) and low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia).

We can help you can manage diabetes with the right range of products. We have Insulin Pen Needles, Lancets, Test Strips and the innovative Freestyle Libre Sensor.

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Freestyle Libre Sensors

Freestyle Libre Sensors

Freestyle Libre Sensors For An Easy Way To Take Glucose Readings.
Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife Home S blood pressure monitor is validated for blood pressure measurement in patients with diabetes.
Sugar Free Drinks

Sugar Free Drinks

Sugar Free Drinks. Bring a little more variety into your life with some of our favourite Beanies flavours. A taste of Beanies all in handy single sachets.
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Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor

The days of routine glucose testing with lancets, test strips and blood are over.
Welcome to flash glucose monitoring!
  • £57.54

Vitabiotics Diabetone Plus 21 Micronutrients & Omega-3 Dual Pack 56 Tablets / Capsules

Diabetone® Plus has been specially formulated with 21 nutrients plus Omega-3 fish oil to help safeguard your daily nutritional requirements.
  • £15.25

Vitabiotics Diabetone Original

A carefully balanced expert formula to support overall health and wellbeing, with 21 nutrients including Chromium which helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels.
  • £8.95

Lift Glucose Juice Lemon & Lime Shot

Lift Juice Shots contain glucose to give you that fast-acting boost when your body needs it most. It can help you with training and for diabetics with hypoglycaemia.
  • £1.55

GlucoRx Finepoint Pen Needles

GlucoRx pen needles have universal fit on all insulin pens.
  • £12.95

GlucoRx Lancets

Finger Pricking For Blood Glucose Testing.
  • £8.95

GlucoRx Nexus Strips

For Measuring Blood Glucose Levels. Utilising advanced GDH-FAD enzyme technology.
  • £12.95