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Canesten Thrush Cream

Canesten Thrush Cream provides effective treatment and soothing relief of the itching caused by thrush. It can also be used to treat the male partner.
  • Was £7.95
  • Now £6.76
15% off
till 01/01/2020

Philips OneBlade

The Philips OneBlade has a revolu­ti­onary new technology designed for facial styling and body grooming.
  • Was £39.95
  • Now £31.96
20% off
till 16/12/2019

Shantys PillMate Maxi Size 7 Day Pill Box Dispenser

Easy to use seven day pill box dispensers, suitable for carrying a whole week’s medication. Large pill compartments for high dosage use.
  • £3.95

Philips Sonicare CleanCare+ Sonic Toothbrush

Your Sonicare electric toothbrush head and handle are the ultimate team. Enhancing our sonic technology, they give you unrivalled cleaning.
  • RRP £50.00
  • Was £39.95
  • Now £35.96
10% off
till 20/12/2019 BREATHOX® BREATHOX® is a salt inhaler that helps relieve cough & irritation caused by chest congestion. Uses micronised salt to help cleanse the respiratory tract from your mouth to your lungs.
  • Was £15.95
  • Now £14.36
10% off
till 31/01/2020

Haliborange Kids Multi­vitamins Orange Softies 30s

We all want our little ones to shine in life! Haliborange Multivitamin & Omega-3 Softies are a tasty way for your child to get some essential vitamins they need every day.
  • £5.50

Gillette Travel Set Mach3 Razor + Shave Care + Oral Care + Hair Care

For the ultimate grooming experience whilst travelling. Handy sized toiletry bag with Gillette’s Mach3 Men’s Razor, Series Sensitive Skin Shave Gel, Sensitive Skin Aftershave Balm, Head & Shoulders Classic Shampoo, Oral-B Travel toothbrush and Oral-B Pro
  • Was £11.95
  • Now £10.76
10% off
till 20/12/2019

Celebrity Slim Shakes 7 day Strawberry

14 delicious strawberry flavoured meal replacement shakes nutri­ti­onally balanced to sustain your energy while you lose weight.
  • £25.95

Replens MD Longer Lasting Vaginal Moisturiser

ReplensRM™ acts directly to the source of the problem, by delivering continuous moisture, making each single application last up to 3 days. Its 2-in-1 effective formula treats vaginal dryness in 3 steps.
  • £8.95

Abidec Multivitamin Drops for Babies & Children

Abidec Multivitamin Drops have been specially formulated to help meet the nutritional requirements of your children.
  • £5.95